Kuta, Bali – Stinky Room, Loud Neighbors, Happy New Year.

We packed our bags and jumped in the car headed to Kuta. Our guest house owner offered to give us a ride to Kuta the night before, we agreed to ride with him for about 15 bucks. The drive was a little over a hour, so of course I fell asleep.

I woke up around the time we pulled up to Wrung Coco, our next so called home. We checked into room 6 located next to the pool, we were hypnotized by the pool. It took awhile for the stench in our room to reach deep into our noses. About the time we noticed, the employee showing us our room cut the “entrance tour” short and rushed back to the reception. Yup our room smelt like shit. At first we were like maybe someone dropped one off right before we arrived. That was not the case. Our bathroom was damp, gross and had a smell that would knockout Mr. Clean.


Everything we heard about Kuta before we arrived was bad. We tried our best to always keep in mind that others might not enjoy places that we would or will.. We got bad reviews before we arrived in Phuket and unfortunately we agreed with them, so we were keeping our fingers crossed about Kuta.

During our time in Kuta we swam in the pool, ate from the restaurants around the hotel, and met up with Mia (our swedish friend from a ways back in our travels) to ring in the New Year. She was staying in Seminyak (a beach down the way from us) with her sister and her boyfriend.

After a couple failed attempts to connect with Mia, due to traffic and cab drivers not wanting to go out to our spot or hers. Mia finally showed up via a motorbike taxi the night before New Year’s Eve. We exchanged stories with each other of our travels over some brews. We had been in Malaysia and she had been to KL to pick up her sister and then headed to Bali. Anyway, we ended up checking out the night life after that chat. We checked out some of the clubs with the live bands that cover popular American songs, it is hilarious. They butcher those songs all night. Incredible sight. I was embarrassed for them, and in aw that they thought they were good, they were rockstars that night..

We checked out a couple more clubs and danced our faces off, this place is an Australian frat boy get away destination. These dudes really drink smirnoff ice (vodka mixed drink in a bottle) with straws in them. I could only handle so much of this. Leaving the club Caitlin stiffed armed three young children as they tried to put their hands in our pockets to steal our belongings, as their mother tried to distract us with some bullshit item in her hands. We were warned ahead of time that this would happen to us. Thank you Mia for the advice. Before arriving at the hotel we stopped for a BBQ sausage dog, it was amazing. I remember taking notes on what was used to create the wonderful snack.

New Years Eve we planned to spend it with Mia, she invited us to a dinner out in Seminyak with her family and some swedish friends. In order to get to this dinner party we had to take a motorbike taxi to Mia’s place and then grab a taxi to the party, it was raining and we had slammed three people on it, Caitlin, me and the driver. The whole time I was hanging off the back of that motorbike laughing wet, thinking my mother would be so mad at me right now.

We made it safe and sound and enjoyed our time very much at the dinner party. The sweet bungalow/pent house was amazing. They kept the good music bumping throughout this beautiful space. Oh yeah the food was amazing, they had a professional chef come over a whip up the best meal we had had in a long time.

photo (43)

photo (44)

The plan seemed to be taking us to a newer night club in the town called Town House where most of the party had a table in a VIP room… So we headed to the club racing the clock to ring in the New Year. Turned out myself, Mia, and Caitlin didn’t have tickets to attend this cool table, (would have been cool if we were told that tickets were purchased) oh well we rang the New Year in with the staff at the front door in the rain. The staff pulled out some crazy fireworks and passed out bottles of champagne and we yelled “HAPPY NEW YEARS!”


photo (48)

We planned on ringing in the New Year with a buzz and booked one more night in advance in Kuta (this was before we made it to Kuta) figuring we wouldn’t want to have a travel day with a hangover. We didn’t even party like that, since we didn’t want to party hard into 2014 we headed back to the hotel.

Overall Kuta wasn’t the best experience for us. It rained like 90% of the time we were there, and we found ourselves in a spring breakers destination, too much partying and loud music. Our neighbors were the lovely type that woke up around 3pm and got back to their room around 6am yelling “We Are In BALI!” We did bump into them at a club one night, and I made it a point to mention that they were loud. That didn’t get across to him apparently..

(Sidenote : Caitlin’s words)
Oh yeah the beach was trashed. Rubbish everywhere, it seemed to wash up in the ocean. Unfortunately Bali is a destination which is literally being “loved to death”. The large influx of tourists means that 1. different types of products are being shipped in to meet their (our) needs (i.e. plastics, glass bottles, etc.); and 2. the businesses not having the infrastructure to take care of such large amounts of trash that include very foreign and non-biodegradable items, resort to dumping the trash in the rivers. The island of Bali is in dyer need of eco-tourism practices on a very large scale and unfortunately the trash all over the beach is a HUGE blinking sign of the destruction to come.

photo (46)

We did have one of the strongest wifi connections ever in the adventure. So we took advantage of it and watched a movie. Oh yeah I woke up early one morning to catch the Duck game as well. Don’t question my fan-hood. Go Ducks!

photo (45)

Our time in Kuta had came to it’s end. We couldn’t of been happier. We decided to head back to Ubud, that creative, cool, happy town we fell in love with. But not before we packed our bags on our backs and hike/get told the wrong way a couple times to the bus station in the rain. You know the “back packer” thing.

photo (47)

photo (49)

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